What is Java Training? Where is the Best Institutes?

“Master Class” Java training for developers of high throughput and low latency systems based on my experience in designing and implementing trading systems regarding hedge funds.

As this will be my first course, I am looking for feedback as to what to include and what to drop. I am concerned this is an overwhelming amount of information to cover inside a week which can make it difficult to pay each topic in much depth.

You can contact me on wrghtandru (a) https://techjobs.sulekha.com if you are interested in the course. This is in person trained in English. My first session is going to be in London, but I might consider other cities if there is enough interest.


The training assumes you are familiar with all the standard features of Java and know the majority of the topics covered through advanced Java development courses everything covered in most advanced books.

The scope of the training is designing, developing, testing and tuning performance Java applications. The a few areas covered tend to be low latency, higher throughput and big data techniques.

Both common libraries in these spaces and how to implement simple examples of you are covered. The actual course is 30% layout and theory and also 70% practical.

Developers should have at least five years solid, hands on Core Java coding experience you should be able to write multi-threaded code on paper that includes a good chance associated with compiling.

These topics are discussed from the performance point of view.

  • Improvements in Java 5. 0 to 7
  • Implementing the Actor pattern using the High Level¬† Concurrency library.
  • Working with Streams, Reader/Writers and Channels.
  • Working with compressed stream in files and over sockets.
  • Utilizing Blocking NIO.
  • Representation and Method Addresses.
  • Review design patterns.

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